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Structured Settlement

Structured Settlement: Getting Value/Worth

By September 22, 2012No Comments

Pressed into a structured settlement sale is not something you want to do.  At Catalina Structured Funding our philosophy is to buy a structured settlement without the pressure and gimmicks. Various structured settlement payments can be exchanged for a lump sum. Needless to say the nature and size of your structured settlement payments greatly impact the work of the same.

More than maybe anything else it is important that you feel comfortable with the basic idea of getting a lump sum for structured settlement as opposed to sitting back and waiting for a structured settlement or structured settlement payments to come to you. While this may sound simple, the allure of getting a structured settlement lump sum can sometimes distract you from the benefits that initially caused you to agree to accept the structured settlement. At Catalina Structured Funding we do not provide financial advice or legal advice- we are not so presumptuous to believe we can decide what is in your best interest. You are in the top position to decide what structured settlement buyer is proper for you once you decide the best alternative is for you to get a lump sum.

On the other hand, we do believe that anyone with a structured settlement could not go wrong by getting quotes for some part of structured settlement or a quote for all structured settlement payments they are entitled to. Here is why: Your structured settlement is an asset. Like any financial asset it seems wise to know what it is worth. Much like a house, stock certificate or financial investment, there is know harm in finding out the value of the asset and its probably prudent to know a valuation.

Unlike a stock certificate there is no national exchange that regularly trades structured settlement payments. While you can open a newspaper or go on various websites to see immediate what your stock in Apple or Microsoft is worth, it is not the same with a structured settlement. Instead possibly the best way to get the value of a structured settlement or structured settlement payments is to speak to multiple structured settlement buyers and and see what these buyers of structured settlement buyers will offer you.

Whether you are going to sell a structured settlement or not, these structured settlement buyers should give you free quotes with multiple alternatives – At Catalina Structured Funding we are more than happy to give you an INSTANT FREE QUOTE to let you know what we, as a willing structured settlement buyer, would pay you as willing structured settlement seller, if you decide to convert the future payments to a lump sum.

If you are shopping your structured settlement or simply are curious what we would pay for it, there is no obligation to speak with one of our experts and to get a quote:  800-317-3769.