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Structured Settlement

Structured Settlement Sale- Must Read Tip

By September 9, 2012No Comments

Prior to engaging in a structured settlement sale you want to contact the national experts on our team to provide you with a quote to determine whether we can offer you the most cash. Its a simple and straightforward process that requires very little time on your part or does not require you to give us a lot of information in order to evaluate if a structured settlement sale proposal you currently have is the best one.

Structured settlement sale proposals should be clear and straightforward.  In essence, there should be two terms you consider at first blush: What payments are involved in the structured settlement sale and what is the purchase price for the structured settlement sale. By purchase price, we mean: what is the structured settlement buyer offering you as a lump for the structured settlement sale.

When considering “where to get the best offer for a structured settlement sale” and the lump sum offer, you want to distinguish between gross and net purchase prices being offer. Sometimes structured settlement buyers will pass along some fees as part of the structured settlement sale. You do not want to have to pay fees on top of the discount you are getting from the structured settlement sale. At the end of the day, we will feel like the “gross purchase price” concept is something that should not even be considered when going forward with decisions about a structured settlement sale.

Instead the focus of a structured settlement sale should be the money you are actually receiving in exchange for structured settlement payments– what will hit your bank account at the time of final funding of the structured settlement sale. You need to get a quote from Catalina Structured Funding to truly appreciate the ease of which structured settlement sales can be processed and how easy offers to buy structured settlements can be.

Simply call one of our experts at Catalina Structured Funding and a simple, clear offer to purchase structured settlement payments will be provided to you. Depending on your objectives we can also provide you with multiple structured settlement sale offers. Its simply a matter of what you want to do with your structured settlement payments and what you feel is in your best interest. Call us anytime at 1-800-317-3769 to discuss what we can offer you as part of a structured settlement sale.