Structured Settlement Buyer

Structured Settlement Buyer

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Know Your Structured Settlement Buyer

know your structured settlement buyer

Finding a website for a structured settlement buyer is easy. Finding multiple websites for different structured settlement buyers is also easy.  Finding the best structured settlement buyer for you, however, takes a little work and some investigation. You definitely want to spend the time learning about a structured settlement buyer before you move forward with getting cash for structured settlement payments.

What to look for in a structured settlement buyer, in our opinion, is honesty. You want to work with a group that will be completely honest with you when it comes to getting cash for structured settlement payments. You want honesty in quotes for structured settlement payments, you want honesty in explanations of how long it will take to get your cash for structured settlement payments, and you want honesty from your structured settlement buyer in what is involved in getting cash for structured settlement payments.

While you obviously have a goal of getting the most cash for structured settlement payments, what good is an offer if you do not trust the group you are working with. Its an issue we frequently face at Catalina Structured Funding as we talk to customers and potential customers that may have spoken to another structured settlement buyer and had a bad experience OR have previously sold payments to one or more structured settlement buyers and did not feel that the process was what they were told.

This will never be an issue when you work with Catalina Structured Funding as your structured settlement buyer. At every step of the way, throughout the entire process, we do what ever we can to get you the answers and explanations you need to appreciate exactly what is going on with your structured settlement sale. The clear forward nature of how we proceed starts with the initial quote: Our structured settlement quotes are clear and carefully tailored so you can understand completely what structured settlement payments are being converted to a lump sum.

After getting our easy to follow, ZERO FEE, quote for structured settlement payments, we can give you a specific explanation of how long the process will take in the state where you live. We do not give generic, cooking cutter, discussions – as a nationwide EXPERIENCED structured settlement buyer we will provide you information specific to what you can expect based on your structured settlement payments and the state where you live.

Do not get caught up with a structured settlement buyer you are not sure is right, make sure to speak to us and see the difference it makes when you actually know what you are doing when it comes to providing cash for structured settlement.

Why Are You Looking for a Structured Settlement Buyer?

If you have found this article, you are in the process of searching for a structured settlement buyer. You probably have now realized there are a lot of websites out there that advertise in one form or another that they can help you get a lump sum for a structured settlement.  Your issue may now be that you are confused about who to contact and who to trust.

Your concerns are well founded.  With all the noise on the internet regarding lump sums, payout, cash outs, and cash advances on structured settlements it is sometimes hard to differentiate between “real” companies versus websites set up to get information on you and broker that information.  You my find commentary about this practice on different websites.

Your structured settlement is valuable.  It is valuable to you but it is also quite valuable to a structured settlement buyer and hence why you have found so many websites looking to earn your business.  Be clear, however, that you are dealing with a reputable company with experience buying structured settlements before you give out any personal information or trust an unknown website your very personal financial information.  One way to do this is to “interview”  the person on the other end of the phone and to do some research on the entity you will actually be working with before you turn over any information.   A reputable structured settlement buyer should be able to demonstrate to you, to your satisfaction, that they have the appropriate amount of experience in this area.

One thing to note before you spend too much time on this project is that there are certain payments that a “structured settlement buyer” will not generally purchase.  The first is social security payments.  While one may technically feel these are “structured payments” it is not the type of thing the buyers are looking for.  In the same vein, VA (or Veteran Administration) Benefits are not the type of structured settlement benefits that buyers purchase. There are several similar arrangements that call for future structured payouts that are generally not assignable for a lump sum.

When you contact the experienced team at CSF  you will be given a quick and indisputable review of our extensive experience as a structured settlement buyer and we will rapidly establish our credibility.  Credibility that comes from years of experience working with people looking for small or large lump sums for their structured settlement payments.

How to Compare Offers You Get for Cash for Structured Settlement from Buyers

compare structured settlement

We frequently see two two of “structured settlement” shoppers. The first shopper calls us with offers to buy his/her structured settlement that they have received from other companies.  It is a straightforward approach: “I have already spoken to multiple structured settlement buyers and want to know if you can beat the best offer i have to purchase my structured settlement.” Proceeding in this fashion, allows the customer to get apple for apple quotes.

The second type of shopper operates slightly differently.  Instead of telling us the best offer they have, they want us to give them our offer to purchase structured settlement payments.  Although this type of seller acknowledges that he/she has spoken to many companies, they want to know what our offer will be without reference to existing buyout proposals they have received. We appreciate this tact and will comply but in many cases and situations this is not the best way for the seller to proceed.

Here is why: not all offers or buyout proposals are the same. For example, some companies charge fees that deducted from the purchase price. We do not know every company and the policies about charging fees but if you disclose to us who the other companies are we can tell you if we are aware that they do or do not charge fees (or have in the past) and could also help you look on the documents to see.

Another reason to disclose offers from other companies when you speak to us is that your offer may be for different payments than you tell us and we can often tell if the amount you are quoted is much different. For example, say you get $1500 per month from Metlife as part of a structured settlement. You call a company, tell them this.  You tell them that you are looking to sell $500 of the $1500 per month, however. Notwithstanding what you request, and maybe completely by accident, they run a quote to buy the full $1500 per month. Obviously, buying $1500 per month would allow them to provide you more cash for a structured settlement when compared to a purchase price on only a partial sale of monthly structured settlement payment.

The same theory holds true when it comes to length of time. An offer to buy $500 per month for 10 years would be for less, in generally, then an offer to buy $500 per month for 20 years. Of course, other factors and considerations go into all structured settlement buyout proposals.

Call Us Whether You Want to Reveal Your Other Structured Settlement Buyout Offers or Not.  We will Provide You an Honest, Quick Quote Every Time.

What Makes a Top Structured Settlement Buyer: List Provided

Honest service must be near the top of any list when it comes to judging what company is the top structured settlement buyer. Honesty allows the customer that is selling structured settlement payments know exactly what they are undertaking when it comes to exchanging a future asset, like a structured settlement, for a lump sum. Being on honest with our customers starts from the moment you first call the structured settlement buyers at Catalina Structured Funding.

We appreciate that you are balancing a whole host of factors when deciding to sell structured settlement payments for a lump sum. Part of that equation is working with a company that will tell it to you “straight”. That is precisely what we do for each and every structured settlement customer that approaches us as a buyer. It involves listening to precisely what you are looking for and precisely what we can do to meet those needs in terms of getting you cash as a structured settlement buyer.

The first step along the process is for us to figure out what structured settlement payments you are entitled to: When are the structured settlement payments due? How much is each structured settlement? In addition, we gather some very basic, no personal information regarding what state you live — you need not provide us with any additional information aside from these three things and what company makes the structured settlement payments to you in order for us to put together a quote demonstrate what we, as willing structured settlement buyer, would pay you in the event you decided to move forward with converting a structured settlement to a lump sum.

Once you receive this initial quote from us, you can than determine if you want to sell more or less of your structured settlement payments to us as your top structured settlement buyer in order to raise the lump sum of cash you need. Critical to remember is that you need NOT sell your entire settlement annuity. Indeed, most customers are able to work with us as there structured settlement buyer and only sell a small portion of their structured settlement to arrive at the lump sum they are looking for. As part of policy, we are more than happy to provide each and every customer with multiple offers, if your structured settlement is size-able enough to allow it and your request something less than a full structured settlement buyout.

Structured Settlement Buyer – When Competency Matters

Before you go forward with cashing out a structured settlement, its important you find a structured settlement buyer that is competent. With the scores of websites fighting for your attention it is no doubt difficult to figure out what group to chose. As part of the analysis you should ask questions about the experience of the structured settlement buyer you are speaking with, the background of the individual you are talking to you, and whether they have provided a lump sum for structured settlement in the state where you live.

Part of being a structured settlement buyer with top service means facilitating the conversion of structured settlement payments for a lump sum regularly so they are aware of the ins and outs of what it takes to get it done. Inexperience in cashing out annuity payments can have far reaching implications from potential tax issues for the originator to delays in getting you a lump sum.

How can a structured settlement buyers inexperience lead to delays in getting you the cash for structured settlement you need? The ways are actually countless in an area that is legally regulated like assignments of structured settlement payments. Nearly every state, pursuant to federal law, have set up a framework that governs structured settlement sales. This framework is highly technical and structured settlement buyers need to comply with every element including:

1. Notice periods

2. Dislcosure periods

3. Content of disclosure statements

4. Filing requirements

Any failure to comply the state law requirements where you live can result in massive delays in funding and potentially a judge declining to allow you from selling structured settlement payments for a lump sum. People will occasionally call us telling us stories about long delays caused by errors of the structured settlement buyer they initially chose to go with.

At Catalina Structured Funding we have brought together a team of experts in working with people to cash out structured settlement annuities. With us you can be guaranteed that your transaction will be processed properly and as quickly as permitted by law. Our philosophy is that once a customer decides that converting some or all of their settlement annuity for a lump sum, our job is to make the process hassle free and as fast as possible.

Should you like to discuss how we aim to be the top structured settlement buyer and what we can do for you in terms of service and highest lump sum offer, please call one of our experts at 1-800-317-3769.

Look No Further: TOP Settlement Buyer for Structured Settlement Payments

best structured settlement buyer

Your structured settlement payments are an important asset and consequently if you are considering selling them you want to chose a settlement buyer carefully. With all the structured settlement purchaser websites how do you find a buyer that will not only provide you with the most cash but will also give you the first rate service you deserve. The answer is that its not an easy task.

At Catalina Structured Funding, we believe we are the best settlement buyer in the business. What allows us to make this claim? From across the country, CSF has gathered some of the most experienced people in the secondary structured settlement business. Our experts have been involved in various capacities in acquiring structured settlement payments for a lump sum. With this experience comes, in our estimation, an unmatched background to ensure that we can deliver on every commitment we make when it comes to getting you a lump sum for future settlement payments.

While the process of assigning annuity payments to a structured settlement buyer for a lump sum can seem very complex – both financially and legally- when you chose a settlement buyer like CSF that have the right personnel, there should be virtually no burden on you in accomplishing the task.

CSF regularly buys structured settlement payments. This is what we do and focus all our attention on. We can be your Structured Settlement Buyer in California, Structured Settlement Buyer in Texas, Structured Settlement Buyer in Florida, Structured Settlement Buyer in Georgia; Structured Settlement in Maryland — in fact regardless of what state in America you live in, CSF can get you a lump sum.

Coupled with our experience as a settlement purchaser, CSF has managed, through unrivaled focus, to keep our overhead and expenses low. We do not advertise on television or run commercials on the radio. By managing our expenses and in cases directly funding our structured settlement payment purchase, we can frequently get you the most cash. In fact, we can frequently beat any offer you have for your structured settlement payments by LITERALLY THOUSANDS of dollars. Do not be fooled into thinking that just because you recognize a settlement buyer’s name from a tv commercial, that settlement buyer gives the most cash for structured settlement payments.

Before you execute any agreement taking out a structured settlement loan or selling structured settlement payments for a lump sum, please give us a call so we can show you how much more cash we can get you. Our experts are always available to discuss options with you and all conversations with any member of our team are 100% free and without obligation.

Give us a call today at 1-800-317-3769.