Sell Structured Settlement Payments in Texas

Texas has specific laws when it comes to selling structured settlement payments for cash. If you are looking for cash for your Texas structured settlements and want to deal with honest professionals with vast experience when it comes to working with folks in Texas than you need to speak with us. We can walk your through the process of selling structured settlement payments in Texas and what you can expect.

Equally as important- we can provide you with free, no obligation quotes for the sale of a Texas structured settlement. With our unique financing relationships and in-house staff, it seems we are frequently offering the most cash for structured settlement payments in Texas. No reason not to speak with us and allow us to provide you with an offer. In some situations, we blow away competitors’ offers for Texas structured settlement payments by offering thousands of dollars more cash than the closest offer that someone calling us already has.

In Texas, there are unique procedural requirements when looking to sell a structured settlement or sell structured settlement payments. Our staff, having been involved in countless Texas structured settlement sales, is intimately familiar with how to properly comply with the law and to process the transaction smoothly. Less experienced structured settlement buyers in Texas can lead you down a path of delays and headaches if they do not know what they are doing. It is something you want to be careful to avoid when choosing a Texas structured settlement buyer.

With Catalina Structured Funding, you will get the benefit of a top Texas structured settlement buyer along with our commitment to provide you more cash for structured settlement payments than you have been offered by any other company that buys structured settlements payments in Texas. It will be obvious from the first moment that you speak to us that when selling structured settlement payments in Texas there are a lot of companies to choose from but only one that is best company buying structured settlements in Texas.

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