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Cash for Structured Settlement

Five Tips: Getting Cash for Structured Settlement Payments in 2020

By February 21, 2020July 11th, 2020No Comments

Most of the laws related to the sale of structured settlement payments for a lump sum stayed consistent in 2019. In addition, the low rate environment with respect to interest rates remained the same – with a certain amount of fluctuation in 2020. All this leads to environment where a person that is looking to get cash for future structured settlement should be able to evaluate the lay of the land with a little work. That said, one needs to carefully consider whether it’s the right idea to exchange future payments for a lump sum. If you decide to go down this path, here are a few notes:

There may be more than one option:

Structured Settlement OptionsDepending on what your structured settlement looks like- is it paid monthly, yearly or in lump sums, there very well may be different ways that a buyer may design an offer. Keep in mind that in 2020, as was the case in the past, you do not have to sell your immediate payments. This is an especially good idea if you are already experiencing a life event that is causing you to fall behind in your obligation. If you speak to different buyers, you may be surprised to see that their proposals are likely to differ even if they are offering to pay you the same amount as a lump sum.

Different Structured Settlement Buyers Will Likely Make You Very Different Offers:

Structured Settlement Different OffersYou can, of course, choose to work with any of a number of respectable companies that offer cash for structured settlement payments but we highly recommend you speak to multiple buyers to make sure you are getting an offer that you like. It is ultimately just prudent to see if another buyer will offer you more cash for a structured settlement… even if you like the first company you speak with.


Low Rates in 2020 Means Buyers Can Make Offers That May Have Been Impossible Ten Years Ago:

Structured Settlement TimeWithout boring you with details (although we are happy to discuss with you if you are interested), structured settlement buyers are currently able to offer you more money then maybe they could have in, let’s say, 2008. While you should heed Point #3 above and talk to a few buyers, if you have shopped your structured settlement payments in the past and not liked the offers you received from companies like J.G. Wentworth, it may be that you will be pleased with the offers you can receive in 2020.


2020’s Low Rate Environment May Mean You Can Sell Payments That You Couldn’t Previously Convert to Cash:

Structured Settlement HappinessMaybe sometime in the past you tried to sell a lump sum payment due very far in the future and were either told “no” by a structured settlement buyer or were offered a very little amount of cash. Similarly, maybe you tried to convert some of your life contingent structured settlement payments due very far in the future to a lump sum but no structured settlement buyer could make you an offer. In both these cases, the low rates of 2020 may mean that payments that were not viable to sell for cash in the past are now worth enough that you can get a sizable lump sum.

Know What Company You are Working With:

Structured Settlement CompanyUnfortunately, there are so many people and “companies” claiming in 2020 that they can get you cash for a structured settlement. Some of these outfits have little experience, and others may just generate leads to sell to other companies that buy structured settlements. While google results are a helpful tool, you need to go a little further and evaluate the credibility and experience of whoever you decide to work with. Do not be tricked into working with inexperienced groups simply because the website looks nice or the person on the other end of the phone sounds pleasant.

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