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Tips on How to Sell Structured Settlement for Most Money in California

By September 5, 2013No Comments

Tips on How to Sell Structured Settlement for Most Money in California

There was a time when a person in California did not know if it was legal to sell structured settlement payments for a lump sum. That all changed with the passage of a certain law that set forth how and when a person could access cash for structured settlement by selling all or a portion to a structured settlement buyer. Now that the law is clear about the circumstances and procedure for selling a structured settlement, the next inquiry that comes to a lot of people’s mind is how to pick a structured settlement buyer to provide them with a lump sum.

First, knowing the background of the structured settlement buyer is a good place to start. While a fancy website that says all the right things may be a temptation, what is behind that website. Does the person or group of people or company behind the website have the right blend of experience and background to fulfill the promises, to back up the sales talk on the website and over the phone. Do not assume that is the case. You will find some reviews of structured settlement buyers throughout the internet– some actual and worthwhile and others simply more attempts to divert your attention. It should be clear to  you once you speak to a company and ask the questions you want answered, whether the structured settlement buyer has the right experience and level of honesty. The best structured settlement buyers will stand out – Clearly.

After you chose one or two of the top structured settlement buyers, get disclosure statements. Disclosure statements when selling structured settlement payments in California and elsewhere contain some key financial terms that you may consider important for purposes of determining whether to move forward. You can take your time once you have the disclosure statements from the structured settlement buyer and even take the documents to a lawyer, accountant, or other financial advisor if you so chose.

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