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Life Contingent Structured Settlement

What Companies Buy Life Contingent Structured Settlement Payments?

Wonder how to select a “structured settlement buyer” to cash our your future payments?  Look no further than Catalina Structured Funding.  We are here to help you get the cash you need without the high pressured sales techniques you may find from other structured settlement buyers. Whether you have guaranteed or life contingent payments, we are the No. #1 Choice.

Here is what we can offer you to earn your business:

1. Best Price Guarantee:  Catalina Structured Funding will get you the most cash for  structured settlement payments.  Call us with the best offer you have from another settlement buyer and we will beat that price. period.  We often can provide literally thousands of dollars more for your settlement payments that any previous offer you have.

2.  Cash Advance Commitment:  Do you need a large lump sum for your structured settlement, in whole or in part, but also could use some immediate cash in the form of an advance.  We guarantee to provide you with cash after signing a contract with us.  In fact, we frequently provide multiple cash advances to our customers in far excess of a thousand dollars.  Once you chose us as your structured settlement buyer to provide lump sum of cash for structured settlement, we will do whatever it takes to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

3.  Top Customer Service:  We do not just sign customers up and then move on. Every step of the way you will get the best service of any settlement purchaser in the country.  This includes processing the transaction as quickly as possible, providing you with proactive updates regarding the status of the transaction and answer all your calls immediately.  We regularly here from our current customers that have worked with our structured settlement buyers before that our customer service is far superior than anything they previously experienced.

If you are looking to cash out your structured settlement payments and want to know how much Catalina Structured Funding can offer you, please give us a call at 1-800-317-3769.  If you contact us with the following information regarding your structured settlement, we can provide you with an immediate quote:

1. How much are structured settlement payments?

2.  When are your structured settlement payments due?

3.  What company makes the structured settlement payments to you?

4.  Are your structured settlement payments guaranteed or life contingent?

With just this information we will give you a firm quote that you can consider for as long as you need.  As experts in the structured settlement buying industry, we can also answer any additional questions you may have.  All these services are free and provided as a courtesy in hopes of earning your business.  Consequently, there is no risk or obligation in allowing us to provide you with a quote.  Speak to one our experts now at 1-800-317-3769.