Structured Settlement

What Type of Annuity Can I Sell? What type of Structured Settlement Can I Sell?– Learn for Free with Us.

Is it better to keep or sell annuity? That is a question best answered based on the individual circumstances. Once you have decided if its best to sell an annuity or structured settlement, Catalina Structured Funding, Inc. is a great place to start.

Here are some the types of annuities people sell to us because they think they are better off with cash now:

1. Selling Inherited Annuities

2. Selling Annuities that do not start paying for a while

3. Selling Life Contingent Annuities

4. Selling Annuities that are no longer serving the intended purpose

5. Selling Self Purchased Annuities.

Should you have any of these annuities and would like to discuss cashing out annuity for an immediate lump sum or what is involved to sell annuity, give us a call at 1-800-317-3769.

While there are many ways to make the lump sum payment for annuity work for you, its the type of decision that should be carefully considered before you make any decision. The other day we received a call from a gentleman that was looking to sell structured settlement in Pennsylvania.  He had spoken to a bunch of the larger settlement buyers and was apparently unhappy with either the way he was treated or the lump sum for annuity they offered him.

Why did he want to sell his annuity for a lump sum? This particularly gentleman and his fiancee wanted to buy a house. After speaking to his bank and presumably a financial advisor, he determined that by cashing out annuity and providing a larger down payment on this home, his monthly payment on his mortgage would be reduced to a level that made his new home affordable. In other words by selling his annuity and having his monthly mortgage payments less because of the sizeable downpayment, he determined he would be in a better economic decision. While the team at Catalina Structured Funding, Inc., does not provide economic advice, this definitely seemed liked a good use of his lump sum

You see at Catalina Structured Funding we do  not want to buy an annuity from you unless you feel it is in your best interest to cash out annuity for a lump sum. This is true whether you are selling an annuity or structured settlement. Sure we can offer you the most cash for structured settlement payments or annuity payments but getting that lump sum only makes sense if you and/or you and your family will be in a better position. This philosophy is part of what we think it means to be a top structured settlement buyer and top annuity buyer.

Give us a Call today at 1-800-317-3769 if you have any questions about what your annuity is worth or what is involved in selling annuity. All conversations with our team are without obligation and are completely free.

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