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Why choose CSF among the other structured settlement companies-
When Selling a Structured Settlement or Annuity?

When selling your structured settlement or annuity, what matters is choosing a company that has experience and provides you with the most cash for your structured settlement or annuity. As the industry expert, Catalina Structured Funding is that Company.

Our team has combined decades of experience getting people cash for structured settlement and annuity payments. We are the experts. What does our experience mean to you? More cash for your or annuity structured settlement, faster...Guaranteed.

Best Price/Most Cash for Structured Settlement or Annuity

At the end of the day, we know the single most important thing to our customers is getting the Best Price and Most Cash for Structured Settlement or Annuity. Period.

Its why that coupled with our expertise, we are committed to matching any offer or quote you get to cash out structured settlement or annuity payments. Before you sign any agreement with one of our competitors make sure to call us. Our customers are almost always surprised how much cash for their structured settlement the team at Catalina can provide them.

Why is Catalina Structured Funding the Top Structured Settlement Buyer?

There are countless websites out there trying to induce you to sell your structured settlement or annuity to them. The truth is many of these "outfits" have little experience in buying annuity or structured settlement payments. Catalina is different. We are the experts.

Our years of experience means knowing the ins and outs of every aspect of buying structured settlement and annuity payments. We can help you cash out your structured settlement or annuity whether you live in California or Florida, Texas or Georgia, Maryland or Illinois.- we are here to help people in literally every State, City, County or Town in America get cash for structured settlement or annuity.

Moreover, we can help you get cash whether you have a large annuity or small monthly structured settlement; whether the structured settlement or annuity is guaranteed or life contingent; and regardless of what life insurance company is making the annuity or structured settlement payments to you.

We are the top structured settlement purchaser in the country because of unmatched experience. Call us and you will see the difference our expertise makes immediately.

Undivided, Individually Tailored Service for Every Customer

We have been doing this long enough to know that no two customers are the same--every person that calls us has a different reason for selling their structured settlement or annuity for cash. As a result we provide individualized and perfectly tailored options when it comes to structured settlement cash out options.

There is never a cookie cutter formula when it comes to providing you with options for cashing out your structured settlement or annuity. We listen to your wants and needs and then will provide you with various options to consider. There is never any "hard sell" or "pressure" with Catalina. We have no interesting in proceeding with any transaction involving your structured settlement payments until you are confident that converting your structured settlement or annuity into immediate cash is in your best interest.

Expertise in Buying Structured Settlement & Annuity Matters

As the industry experts, our team does all the work relating to transferring annuity and structured settlement payments for cash ourselves. We do not believe there is anyone in the Country better qualified to assist people in getting immediate money for structured settlement or annuity payments. Catalina Funding's in-house professionals include a team of attorneys who understand what is required to obtain the best outcome for our customers. As legal compliance when cashing out a structured settlement (for structured settlement) or annuity, experience and expertise is a critical focus of ours.

We also never outsource any aspect of our customer service. Our staff works exclusively for Catalina Structured Funding and is meticulously selected and trained to ensure the highest possible level of customer service in the structured settlement purchasing industry. It is important to us that your experience with us is smooth and hassle free. This is just another way we are committed to making sure we are considered the top structured settlement purchaser in the Country.

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  • "After doing several transactions with Catalina Structured Funding...I can say without a doubt this is the BEST company when it comes to getting cash for structured settlement."Jason R.
  • "After shopping around, I know I got the most cash for my structured settlement payments...Catalina paid me even more than I expected."Jay
  • "I cannot remember the last time I dealt with a company that took so much time with me...My wife and I often talk about how lucky we were to find [Catalina]."Tom B
  • "I had previously sold some of my settlement payments to another company and I cannot express how much more I enjoyed working with the folks at Catalina."Lakeesha M.
  • "Catalina did everything I asked when it came to providing cash advances… Everything they told me proved to be completely accurate. I would never even deal with any other company."Juan M.

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