The question may arise regarding what is the most critical issue when choosing the best buyer of structured settlements for you. It is an important concern for anyone looking to sell structured settlement payments for a lump sum. At Catalina Structured Funding, we believe that the answer to the question begins and ends with “honesty”. Honesty is such a critical issue when selecting a buyer of structured settlements that we believe it is best to make it a priority. Honesty comes into play at various stages when selling structured settlement payments

First and foremost, honesty is critical when pricing structured settlement buy outs. When you call a buyer of structured settlements and get a lump sum offer, it is important to know exactly what that offers means. Does that offer represent a “gross” lump sum for structured settlement payment offer and not the “net” you receive. At Catalina Structured Funding, this is simply not an issue because we NEVER pass along any administrative, process or legal fees to our customers. Since we cover all the fees associated with the processing of a structured settlement buy out, there will be no “confusion” or last minute surprises.

Next, customers often seek cash advances from the best buyers of structured settlements. While it is one thing to say we provide advances “up to” a certain amount, it probably is better to provide each structured settlement customer with a specific cash advance amount they qualify for and exactly when this cash advance will be provided. That is how we do it at Catalina Structured Funding. Call us about a structured settlement buy-out and during that very first conversation we will get you the exact amount of the cash advance you qualify for as well as the very best structured settlement lump sum offer you have. It is how we think a top buyer of structured settlements should operate.

Finally, a buyer of structured settlements needs to be upfront about how long it will take to get you the final, full lump sum for structured settlement. Keep in mind that all buyers of structured settlements MUST comply with federal and state law. EVERY state law contains time frames that must be obeyed. Knowing that you have to plan, we will always provide you with an honest answer about how long it will take to get your transaction through the court process. Again, being one of the best buyers of structured settlements means given our customers clear, honest answers.

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