We understand that people get tired speaking to companies regarding a structured settlement cash out. But we also, know that by speaking to certain structured settlement buyers you can receive thousands of dollars more if you decide to cash out structured settlements. We are one of those structured settlement buyers that can get you more for a structured settlement.

Catalina Structured Funding can beat an offer you have to sell a structured settlement by thousands of dollars in many situations. We can often provide 10-50% more cash. In order to prove this to you, and minimize your hesitation to speak to yet another structured settlement buyer, we guarantee to keep you on the phone for less than 4 minutes if all you want is a simple quote to sell a structured settlement.

Here is how simple it can be to get a quote from us to sell a structured settlement. You can either call or email us, with the following information regarding the terms of your structured settlement and based on this information we will provide you with a quote:

1. The amount and due dates of the structured settlement payments you are looking to convert to an immediate lump sum.

2. The annuity issuer (i.e., company that makes that payments) for the structured settlement you are looking to cash out.

3. That state you live in.

Once we have those details, we can make you an offer regarding how much we would pay you in the form of an immediate lump sum if you were to sell a structured settlement to us. It is that simple and why we commit to not keeping you on the phone for longer than you want.

Along with our experience, you will find a team of national experts that will make the process as simple and seamless as possible. After being involved in thousands of transactions, in different capacities, there may be no better group at getting a person looking to sell a structured settlement from initial call to final funding.

We want to earn your business and we will do everything in power to make the decision to sell a structured settlement to us an easy and natural decision and let us show the difference it makes to work with honest, national professionals.

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