There’s no question about it – if you were ever thinking of selling your structured settlement, NOW may be the best time to do so and we are the company to do it with. It all comes down to very low interest rates. So if you’ve been considering selling your structured settlement payments, but were not 100% sure, then continue reading for a full explanation of why this might be the time to sell.

We are currently seeing some of the lowest interest rates in history. What this means for you is that structured settlement companies, i.e., companies that buy structured settlements, may be able to pay you the most cash for a structured settlement. Even if you have previously received quotes from companies, you need to speak with us today to see how much more cash we might be able to pay you for your structured settlement annuity. We are very likely in a position to offer you thousands of dollars more and a better effective rate on a transaction than an offer you received even a year ago.

But your main question is simple: Is Catalina Structured Funding Going to Pay Me the Most for Structured Settlement When Compared to Other Offers I Already Have to Buy My Structured Settlement?

Consider the following:

We are currently experiencing some of the lowest interest rates in history

This means that our costs are lower than ever before

We are able to keep our overhead low by employing experts that can do work in-house instead of outsourcing the work to expensive third party providers

Our quotes to you are free of any costs or expenses you will be responsible to pay. We pay all administrative and processing fees!

You owe it to yourself to at least research this issue and to call us to see how much we pay for structured settlement payments. More often than not, we will offer to pay the most for a structured settlement when compared to your current best offer.

If you ever even thought of selling your structured settlement, call us today to get more information. You pay nothing for a quote and all information is FREE.

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