Payments Guaranteed for Life- Sell/Cash/Buy With Us

Whether you are receiving life payments that are guaranteed from a structured settlement or annuity and need an immediate lump sum, you can turn to us. On a daily basis our team works with people from throughout the Country that are looking to receive cash for life contingent payments. Moreover, our unique financing allows you to get the cash you need today even if your guaranteed life contingent payments are not payable from the insurance company for decades.

It is critical you keep in mind that selling payments guaranteed for life does a certain level of skill and expertise that you will not find with every settlement annuity buyer. You need to select a company that buys life contingent regularly. Life contingent payments are frequently made after the guaranteed period under a structured settlement ends. Among many other structured settlement companies, the following annuity issuers often provide for a monthly life contingent payment under structured settlements: AIG Life Insurance, American General Life Insurance, Genworth Life Insurance Company, First Colony Life Insurance, John Hancock Life Insurance, New York Life Insurance Company, Metlife Insurance Company, Pacific Life and Annuity Insurance Company, Prudential Life Insurance, Transamerica Life Insurance Company, Symetra Life Insurance Company. We can also facilitate you getting cash for life contingent lottery payments.

Whether it is appropriate or not for you to sell guaranteed life payments for a lump sum is in your best interest is something you are the best position to evaluate. For many people getting cash today for life contingent payments is prudent or necessary while for other individuals keeping the right to receive these payments guaranteed for life is the top course of action. We ultimately defer to you, the person entitled to the life payments, to determine whether or not selling them is right. What we can do for you is provide:

1. Thorough and accurate quotes for payments guaranteed for life so that you can carefully consider your options.

2. A cash advance if you agree to covert life payments to a lump sum with us.

3. Professional service throughout the processing of selling guaranteed life payments.

4. Quick and efficient funding once your transaction is approved and underwriting is completed.

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