With Catalina Structured Funding, Inc., you can get immediate cash for your structured settlement. We provide structured settlement cash advances to our customers in a little as 24 Hours in some cases and these structured settlement cash advances can be thousands and thousands of dollars. Plus, when it comes to getting you the full lump sum for a structured settlement sale, no one in the Nation will work harder to get it to you faster.

The purpose of a structured settlement cash advance is assist you, if you need money immediately, while the full structured settlement sale winds its way through the legal process. Our team takes great pride in the speed in which we process the sale of structured settlement payments and we are confident that our competency and knowledge ensures you that the sale of a structured settlement happens as rapidly and as seamlessly as possible. We have heard countless stories from people about how long it took to sell structured settlement payments when they chose to move forward, at first, with an inexperience structured settlement buyer.

Generalities are one thing but we know you want to know: “How Long Will it Take for Me To Get Cash for My Structured Settlement?” or “How Long Will it Take for Me to Sell My Structured Settlement Payments”? The answer to that question depends, in large part, on what state you live in. Nearly each state in the Nation has passed laws that control how a structured settlement sale must take place. These laws also impact how long it takes to sell a structured settlement or how long it takes to sell structured settlement payments. Every structured settlement buyer MUST comply with these laws. There is no way around it. The only difference is the speed and competency that the laws are complied with. Our structured settlement experts are some of the most experienced in the Country.

When you call us we can discuss exactly what is involved in selling a structured settlement where you live and how long we anticipate it will take for us to get you the lump sum for structured settlement payments. Our experience allows us to provide accurate, customer specific answers to how long it will take for YOU to sell structured settlement payments for a lump sum

There is no obligation to do business with us when you call for information, a free quote, or simply to discuss the process. You will receive no harassing follow-ups calls and you will be put under no pressure to move forward if and until you decide you want to.

How Long Does it Take To Get My Money When I Sell My Structured Settlement

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