What type of structured settlements do we buy for cash?

Catalina Structured Funding, Inc., is the leading boutique structured settlement buyer in the nation. We are owned and operated by individuals with a unique blend of unmatched experience in this industry. With our decades of combined experience either processing, reviewing, originating and/or funding structured settlement transactions, we have developed the network of financial partners and expertise to provide our customers with the largest lump sum in the country.

Our goal is simple: provide a valued service to our customers looking to sell structured settlement payments by providing a larger lump sum than any of our competitor’s offers. Our commitment, however, does not end there. Each and every customer that we have can be assured of personalized service tailored to their specific situation.

With Catalina Structured Funding you are never just another number but instead are treated with the highest level of customer service throughout the process. Your phone calls will always be returned, updates will be provided to you proactively and your lump sum is guaranteed to be received in the fastest possible time.

Here are some of the additional features of our heralded Customer Service Program:

Maximized Lump Sum Payout

We will get you the most cash for structured settlement payments. Period. It is as simple as this. Call us with a competitors’ quote for your annuity payments and we will beat it. . . by literally thousands of dollars in many cases.

Zero Fee Assurance

Catalina Structured Funding will never pass along any type of fees to you. We cover ALL costs associated with cashing out structured settlement payments for a lump sum. With this zero fee assurance, you can be positive that the lump sum we quote you for your structured settlement payments is EXACTLY the amount you will receive at funding.

Immediate Cash Advance Option

Funding the full lump sum for structured settlement payments cannot take place the moment you sign a contract with us or any other settlement buyer. There are legal and processing requirements that take time. While we will process your transaction in the shortest possible time allowed by law, we know sometimes you need cash in the interim. Catalina Structured Funding is happy to provide you with a cash advance on your structured settlement payments in such cases.

Lump Sum Alternatives

Catalina Structured Funding will give you multiple lump sum options for you to consider- if that is what you want. Depending on the future payments due under your structured settlement we will provide you with multiple lump sum options so you can consider what is in your best interest. These alternative include: full lump sum buy-outs; partial assignments of some structured settlement payments, delayed assignments involving sale of only payments due in the far future; acquisition of portion of lump sum payments; purchase of small annuities and life contingent structured settlement streams.

With Catalina Structured Funding you get MORE Cash and Sell LESS Payments.

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