With all the structured settlement buyers offering free quotes for structured settlement payments how are you to select what company to contact? While many of competitors are trustworthy and competent, we pride ourselves in providing the bestquote for structured settlement paymentsin the Country. On top of that, our services are unmatched throughout the process.

Here is why we believe you will find our quotes for structured settlement payments are the best:

Most Cash

At the end of the day, how much money you are getting in return for your structured settlement payments matters the most. Catalina Structured Funding will get you the most cash. Period. Call us with a competitors’ quote for your annuity payments and we will beat it. . . by literally thousands of dollars in some cases

No Fee Guarantee

A quote for structured settlement payments is only good if it represents how much money you will receive at funding. After all, how much cash is actually received by you in exchange for the annuity payments is what matters. To that end, all of Catalina Structured Funding’s quotes represent the exact amount you will receive. With us there are never any hidden fees or costs deducted from the lump sum quote for structured settlement payments

Cash Advance Guarantee

To the extent you need money prior to the final funding of the transaction, Catalina Structured Funding guarantees to provide you with a cash advance to hold you over. Once you commit to working with us, you will see how our commitment to our customers is unmatched amongst structured settlement companies.

Zero Pressure Guarantee

We only want to go forward with a transaction involving the sale of your structured settlement payments if YOU believe it is in your best interest. With this philosophy at the core of business, we believe you will find a pleasant distinction while working with our team members.

Structured Settlement Cash Out Options

Whenever requested and/or possible, Catalina Structured Funding will provide you with more than one options for you to consider. Depending on the annuity payment stream that you have we can often put together various options including: full buy-outs; partial assignments, delayed assignments; acquisition of portion of lump sum payments; purchase of small annuities and life contingent payment streams;

At Catalina Structured Funding our reputation is built on customer satisfaction. While we might not be the largest structured settlement buyer in the Nation or the most well-known, this is by design. By committing to a size that allows us to utilize our team’s decades of combined experience in this industry, we provide an unmatched level of customer service and ultimately more value to each and every customer. Give us a call at 1-800-317-3769 and let us earn your business.

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