• We know that above all else it is a big decision to sell structured settlement payments. We appreciate that with such a big decision you want time to think it through and do not want to deal with pressure. Our commitment to you is to provide you with an absolutely unconditionally freequote for structured settlementpayments and to provide you with as much time as you need to decide if going forward is in your best interest.
  • If you are at the initial stage of investigating what is involved and want to know what your structured settlement may be worth, call us at Catalina Structured Funding for a Free Quote. We are committed to providing you with the Best Free Quote for a Structured Settlement by beating ANY other offer you have.

What information do you need to get a quote for structured settlement payments? We can provide you with a general evaluation of the worth of your structured settlement payments if you simply know the approximate amount and due date of the future payments. If, however, you want a specific firm quote, it would be helpful if you could provide:

  1. The Amount of All Structured Settlement Payments
  2. The Due Date of All Structured Settlement Payments (including when the Payments End)
  3. The Name of the Entity (i.e., Annuity Issuer) Obligated to Make the Annuity Payments to You

With just these three pieces on information we can provide you with a detailed quote for your payments. Do NOT worry if you are not sure about any of the information in the 3 categories above. Based on experience and network of contacts in the structured settlement industry, we can assist you in getting the information if needed.

It is also important to keep in mind that with Catalina Structured Funding’s expertise we will, in most cases, tailor more than one FREE Quote for Structured Settlement Payments. In many situations, we will be able to design an alternative that raises the cash you want without requiring the sale of the entire structured settlement payment stream.

With the experts at Catalina Structured Funding, our Free Quotes allow you Get More Cash, and Keep More of Your Structured Settlement.

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