If you are looking for useful information about getting the most money for your structured settlement(sell annuity) you have come to the right place. At Catalina Structured Funding, we have clear, upfront pricing, with no hidden fees.

If you are just starting the process of getting information regarding the sale of a structured settlement or even if you have sold a portion of your structured settlement annuity before, here are 5 tips that should be helpful as you continue the process of selecting what structured settlement buyer to go forward with :

Step #1: Know exactly what structured settlement payments you are selling, including the dates when the settlement payments are due.

Often individuals call structured settlement purchasers and are not aware when the structured settlement payments are due or for how much more time the annuity issuer is obligated to make future structured settlement annuity payments. The reason this happens is for a host of reasons, including people often do not possess the paperwork that details their structured settlement annuity. This is nothing to worry about when you deal with Catalina Structured Funding, we can assist you in figuring it out and procuring the information. We will help you gather this information at no cost to you and without any obligation to do a transaction with us. Our goal is to earn your business by demonstrating why we are the best in the business

Step #2: Pay careful attention to the exact portion of the annuity the settlement purchaser is referring to when you receive a quote for the lump sum payment.

This is very important because the quote you receive may be for a larger portion of the settlement annuity then you were initially considering. At Catalina Structured Funding, we will provide you with specific quotes that detail exactly the portion of the annuity we are proposing to purchase for a lump sum payment.

Step #3: Look at the Discount Rate used in determining how much money you are getting for selling a structured settlement.

The discount rate should be your starting point when evaluating whether you are getting a fair price for your settlement annuity. Various factors go into evaluating how much cash you will receive for your structured settlement annuity payments. Catalina Structured Funding is happy to walk you through those factors and explain how we arrived at the discount rate employed in determining the purchase price for your structured annuity.

Step #4: Avoid Hidden Fees.

The quote you receive to sell your annuity is worthless if there are fees that are going to cause it be reduced at the time of funding. Don’t be shy. Ask. Catalina Structured Funding will NEVER charge you any fees when it comes to buying a structured settlement. The amount you are quoted is the precise amount you will receive.

Step #5: Do Your Homework.

There are many outfits that will make offer to purchase your annuity. Some of these companies may have very little experience.

The team at Catalina Structured Funding, however, have been combined decades of experience in assisting the sale and purchase of structured settlement annuity payments. Our experience will benefit you in countless ways, including making sure you get lump sum for structured settlement as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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