How do you find the answer to the question: “How do I sell my structured settlement payment the best way”? While there is a lot of material published throughout the internet much of it is tailored to simply explaining the legal process of converting a structured settlement for a lump sum or selling structured settlement payments for cash. It is of course important to understand the legal framework of getting cash for a structured settlement or structured settlement payments, this information does not really address the critical issue of how to “sell my structured settlement payment”

Inherent in that question are the sub-issues of

  1. “sell my structured settlement payment,”
  2. “how to get the most cash for my structured settlement” and
  3. “what companies are the top structured settlement buyers”.

Let us help address these concerns briefly.

1. Sell My Structured Settlement Payment: The first step is to get a few quotes from different structured settlement buyers for your structured settlement payment or payments. Once you know the range of value of your structured settlement, you can make the initial decision whether “selling my structured settlement is worth it”. At Catalina Structured Funding, we provide completely FREE, NO obligation quotes.

2. Get Most Cash for My Structured Settlement: Again, this involves getting a couple of quotes for structured settlement payments. In this regard it is important to ask whether the quote includes any fees that will be deducted from the final full lump sum you receive at funding. At Catalina when you “sell my structured payment” you will NEVER be charged any fees. The lump sum offer you receive from us will be the amount you receive at funding. We are happy to provide you the quote in writing so you can see that we do not charge fees.

3. Top Structured Settlement Buyers: There are a lot of competent professional structured settlement buyers. We, of course, believe our combination of expertise, structured settlement pricing, and available structured settlement advances makes us the best structured settlement buyer in the Nation. We trust when you call us you will see the difference it makes to work with professionals.

Of course there are other issues and questions you may have when deciding if “selling my structured settlement payment” is the top alternative for you. To this end, we welcome you to call us with any aspect you wish to discuss further. There is no obligation or pressure to get additional information from one our experts.

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