Sell My Structured Settlement Payments

Those out there looking for information relating to “sell my structured settlement payments” have come to the right place. We are looking to start an open dialogue about how to go about selling my structured settlements in the most efficient way possible and at same time maximize the amount you receive for your structured settlement. Of course, we believe that working with Catalina Structured Funding is the easiest way to accomplish this objective. But let us explain in general and then you can make your own decision.

1. In-House Processing

Working with a group that regularly handles structured settlement payment cash outs is critical. It’s probably the best way to ensure that you get the lump sum promised in the shortest possible time. Working with a group that outsources the processing work to third parties can lead to delays and additional expense. Also, working with a structured settlement buyer that processes the work itself means they can answer your questions about status on the spot.

2. Options

In most situations, the answer to whether you need to “sell my structured settlement payments in their entirety” is “no”. Experienced structured settlement buyers, people with real expertise in the area of buying structured payments, can usually craft ways for you to get the lump sum you need without selling the full amount of all your structured settlement payments.

3. Time Period to Sell My Structured Settlement

The process of selling structured settlement payments takes time. While you might hear a lot of sales puffery from structured settlement buyers, all structured settlement buyers must comply with the same federal and state laws. While some structured settlement buyers may the process along quicker and are better at procuring hearing dates, there are certain time restrictions every buyer of structured settlements has to comply with.

4. Advances

Keeping in mind that funding the lump sum due to you when selling my structured settlement takes time. Many structured settlement buyers offer cash advances. Cash advances on structured settlement between signing a contract and final funding can really help out in a pinch. If you think you need a structured settlement cash advance, clarify this when structured settlement buyer before you sign contract- and better yet, get it in writing. You do not want to be told one thing over the phone and then after you sign contract to sell my structured settlement, be told another.

As we say in our guarantee, Catalina Structured Funding is committed to providing you the most cash for structured settlements (by beating any other offer you have). You should also know we are just as committed to funding a transaction as quickly as possible and getting you a structured settlement cash advance when needed. Our in-house, experienced, professionals always handle every aspect of processing your transaction.

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