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Structured Settlement

Sell Structured Settlement Today for Cash

By November 1, 2012No Comments

When you are ready to sell structured settlement today for cash you should speak to us before you take any action. It may come as a surprise how much money we could provide you to sell structured settlement. People from across the country are often shocked by what they were about to sell structured settlement for prior to engaging with one of our structured settlement experts.

It is not that we do something different than other structured settlement buyers – aside from providing more cash for structured settlement and best structured settlement cash out service – it is just that we seem to provide a level of comfort when individuals call. It is a comfort that comes along with recognizing we know what we are doing when it comes to buying and selling structured settlement – and maybe equally as important, the fact that we tell it like it is when a person wants to sell structured settlement.

There is no funny games. You want to know the effective rate if you were to sell structured settlement, we are happy to provide. Want to know the fees involved? We are happy to tell you. You have multiple and what to know the best rate to sell structured settlement payments you have been offered?  We are fine with performing the calculation and seeing if we can get you the best offer to sell structured settlement payments.

At Catalina Structured Funding, we are committed to assisting every customer that calls us with a structured settlement, structured insurance settlement, structured annuity or regularly annuity – this means if you have an offer to sell these periodic payments and want to see if we can get you more cash for structured settlement, etc., you should not hesitate to contact us. We will do everything possible to get you more money that you have been offered by one of competitors.

Keep in mind that there are countless variations of structured settlement that are out there but the only one that matters when you call Catalina Structured Funding is the payment stream you are entitled to and the offers we can construct for you to consider. Many, if not most of the time, a structured settlement does not have to be converted in its entirety to get a lump sum of cash. Only the very smallest structured settlements require a full structured settlement buyout.

There is no reason not to talk to us when in all likelihood our team can get you the most cash for structured settlement you have been offered.