Individuals with structured settlement annuities and settlement annuities find Catalina Structured Funding in a variety of ways. As a premiere settlement buyer, we often get referrals from people who have sold us structured settlement annuities before and were so pleased with our services that they refer family members or friends with settlement annuities. We love referrals from our existing customers with structured settlement annuities because it reassures us that we are accomplishing our goal of being the best settlement buyer.

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Regardless how people come to find us as their settlement annuity buyer, our commitment to customer service and providing the most cash for their structured settlement annuities or settlement annuities does not change. We look at it as if our reputation as a settlement buyer is at stake with every transaction and therefore treat every customer with a structured settlement annuity as if her or she is our most important customer.

While, after combined decades in the structured settlement annuity industry we may have unmatched expertise, we readily admit we are not the largest settlement buyer. Being the biggest structured settlement buyer, however, is not our goal—our goal is to be the best settlement buyer. To us being the best structured settlement annuity buyer means:

1. Beating any offer you have from any other settlement annuity buyer.

Let us get you the most cash for your settlement annuity

2. Never charging any fees when it comes to selling a structured settlement annuity.

Keep in mind that some settlement buyers may do this.

3. Getting your settlement annuity transaction funded as quickly as possible.

As your structured settlement buyer we will move the transaction as quickly as possible.
With Catalina Structured Funding as your Settlement Buyer, you can be confident that you are working with experts. Don’t settle for less cash for your settlement annuity. We will beat any other offer you have for your structured settlement annuity. Give us a call today and find out how much your settlement annuity is worth.

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