Structured Settlement Calculator: Get a Free Quote Anonymously

We understand that the very first step in deciding whether to sell structured settlement payments is to determine what your structured settlement is worth. Once you have that information, you are in the top position to make a decision what is in your best interest.

Prior to utilizing a structured settlements calculator, you want to understand the best available cash for structured settlement options. Our experts can help you design options specifically tailored to your structured settlement. These options to get cash for structured settlement payments include:

1. Entire Structured Settlement Sale:

This variation involves the sale of your entire structured settlement for a lump sum

2. Partial Structured Settlement Sale:

This variation involves you selling part of your structured settlement. If you receive monthly structured settlement payments, you can exercise this alternative to sell just part of each monthly structured settlement payment. If you receive future lump sum structured settlement payments, you can sell just part of a lump sum structured settlement. You can use the sell structured settlement calculator on your website!

3. Delayed Structured Settlement Sale:

This variation involves you selling some portion of the payments due in the future for lump sum but keeping your current structured settlement payments. Sell my annuity calculator available on our website can surely help you. It is often the best structured settlement offer for those relaying on the income from their structured settlement to pay for day to day expenses. Use our structured settlement payout calculator or structured settlement buyout calculator available on our website!

When you utilize a calculator, there is certain information you should have handy. Our experts can input this information regarding your structured and provide you with immediate quotes. We are happy to do this for you WITHOUT TAKING ANY OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION.

Generally speaking, the only initial information that is needed to properly run a quote through a calculator are:

1. Amount of Each Structured Settlement Payment

2. Due Date of Each Structured Settlement Payment

3. How Frequently the Structured Settlement Payment is Made (Monthly, Quarterly, Annually)

4. Any Percentage Increase on Your Structured Settlement (i.e, Annual Cost of Living Increase)

5. Whether the Structured Settlement Payments are in the Guaranteed Phase or the Life Contingent Phase (a/k/a Out of Guarantee Period Phase)

6. The Annuity Issuer that Makes the Structured Settlement Payments

7. The State You Reside in

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