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Structured Settlement

Structured Settlement Companies: Best to Know

Structured Settlement Companies:  Best to Know

Before you can sell structured settlement payments to a buyer, every state that permits said assignments requires you to receive a disclosure statement. The contents of a disclosure statement vary by what is mandated in the various state transfer act. With a few exceptions, the law of the state where you currently live controls the process and methodology of cashing out structured settlement payments for a lump sum. The best structured settlement companies can easily explain this process and provide you with a legally compliant disclosure statement.

When enacting the Structured Settlement Transfer Act (which have slightly different names in every state), the individual state legislatures established what must be contained in the disclosure statements. For example, the sale of structured settlement payments in California mandate a different disclosure statement, based on the California Structured Settlement Act, than, for example, if one was to sell structured settlement payments and live in Florida. Similarly, an individual living in Alabama will receive a different disclosure statement than a resident of Tennessee selling structured settlement payments.

While the disclosure statement may contain certain important financial terms, a structured settlement seller may have other items they wish to know prior to selling structured settlement payments for a lump sum. If you are selling structured insurance payments to a buyer and having questions about anything, you should not hesitate to ask. The best structured settlement companies, those with the experience and honesty you are looking for, can easily answer any question you have regarding a structured settlement cash out, including whether other available options exist when it comes to getting cash for a structured settlement.

You need to inquire and be proactive when considering the sale of a structured settlement. You should ask anything that is on your mind including how long will it take to get the lump sum for selling structured settlement, what the court experience may be like when you go to convert a structured settlement to a lump sum, whether the structured settlement company will provide you with advances while you wait for your hearing date — and ANY other issues you have when it comes to a structured settlement sale.

The group at CSF is here to answer your questions, all of them, based on our vast experience throughout the country dealing with structured settlement sales. When you want answers from one of the Country’s best structured settlement companies- we are the call you should make and the folks you can trust.

Best Structured Settlement Companies