If you have been searching the web looking for companies that make settlement annuity loans, you may be wondering why there are so many websites dedicated to selling, buying and purchasing structured settlement payments. There are several distinct distinctions between a structured settlement annuity loan and selling structured settlement payments for a lump sum. Maybe the most significant difference is that when a person sells structured settlement payments for a lump sum, as opposed to procuring a structured settlement loan, the individual getting the lump sum has no burden to repay the loan in the future and consequently the seller’s credit rating is immaterial to getting the immediate lump sum. The flip side of a lump sum structured settlement sale is that the seller will not receive the settlement payments in the future. Most loan companies offer to purchase or buy structured settlements and do not provide “loans” on annuity payments. loan rates can also vary!

Whether or not a person sells structured settlement payments or gets a loan on structured settlement payments, maybe the most critical feature to evaluate is if you are getting the most favorable rate for your future annuity payments. In order to analyze if the most favorable rate is being received, in conjunction with getting a loan or selling structured settlement payment, it is important that you incorporate in the review any fees and costs you will be responsible for. Stated another way, is the effective rate of your loan or the effective rate utilized for purposes of calculating the lump sum for selling structured settlement payments incorporating the costs you will have to pay.

At Catalina Structured Funding, we never charge our customers any fees when it comes to selling their structured settlement payments for a lump sum. You will receive the exact amount we quote you at the time of funding- Not a penny less. We pay for all legal, processing and administrative fees when it comes to converting future payments for a lump sum. We also have structured settlements calculator on our website.

Please give us a call to discuss all your options for getting lump sum of cash for your future structured settlements, whether those future settlement payments are life contingent structured settlement payments or guaranteed settlement payments. We can offer you literally thousands of dollars more than our competitors for your structured settlement annuity payments and loan.

Can I Get a Loan on My Structured Settlement?

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