Structured Settlement Sale: Best Way to Get Cash

A structured settlement sale can be a good thing. You can be pleasantly surprised how much cash you can get in exchange for the sale of structured settlement payments if you work with the right structured settlement buyer. While it is also true that a structured settlement sale involves compliance with a complex legal framework, an experienced buyer of structured settlement payments should handle all aspects of the process as part of the services offered.

If you are contemplating a structured settlement sale, Catalina Structured Funding can facilitate the process and get you the cash you are looking for in exchange for the structured settlement sale. Our team of experts can walk you through what it takes to accomplish a structured settlement sale and equally important is committed to getting you an offer for most cash for structured settlement payments by beating any other offer you have from another structured settlement buyer.

When you contact us regarding the structured settlement sale, we can provide you an instant, free quote. Simply tell us what structured settlement payments you are considering selling along with a few other important pieces of information, and our experts at Catalina Structured Funding can tell you how much we will pay for structured settlement sale. If you decide to accept our structured settlement sale quote, here is the streamlined process you can expect:

1. You will then receive a disclosure statement from us in connection with the structured settlement sale.

2. After the passage of the requisite period of time under the laws of the state where you live, we will then arrange for your execution of the structured settlement sale documents.

3. Once the structured sale documents are received back from us, they will be filed with the court.

4. Shortly thereafter, and subject to court approval, Catalina Structured Funding will pay you the lump sum for structured settlement sale.

When you work with Catalina Structured Funding, a structured settlement sale moves a long seamlessly. During the process you will be eligible for cash advances on structured settlement sale if you want. Equally as important you will see what it is like to work with true structured settlement sale professionals that provide the best service when it comes to a sale of structured settlement payments.

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