If life has taken an unforeseen turn, and you are facing the need for immediate cash in exchange for some or all of your future structured settlement payments or sell annuity for cash, Catalina Structured Funding is here to help you.

Determining whether exchanging your structured settlement is the right choice for you depends on a host of factors. Of the many things to consider when deciding whether to sell your future structured settlement is what other opportunities you have to raise money, what additional income and assets you have, and of course, what is in jeopardy if you do NOT get the cash for annuity payment you need to meet your immediate obligations.

The experienced team at Catalina Structured Funding is happy to take the time to listen to all the issues surrounding your decision and present you with various lump sum cash options with regard to your future structured settlement payments. With combined decades of experience, our team members have been facilitating people cash out their structured settlement payments and take pleasure in guiding people through the process.

When selling your future structured settlement or selling annuity payments for cash, whether guaranteed or life contingent settlement payments, you should be confident you are going forward with a trustworthy company that will get your sale of your settlement payment transaction approved. It is the only way to make sure you actually get the cash you need when selling your future settlement payments and the transaction gets funded in a timely fashion.

Catalina Structured Funding prides itself on its exceptional customer service. With us you can be confident you receive the money you want for your payments and that there will never be any hidden fees or costs you are responsible for or that are taken out of the lump sum payment. The members of Catalina Structured Funding’s team have handled literally thousands of transactions and have the knowledge and experience you need when it comes to getting you cash for your future settlement orannuity payments.

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