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Life Contingent Structured Settlement

Life Contingent Structured Settlement Review Options

By April 2, 2020July 11th, 2020No Comments

Website request for people looking to sell all sorts of payments are fielded everyday by companies like ours and competitors across the country. You will find information and guidance from a host of individuals that you come across and the various numbers and suggestions may become overwhelming. Ultimately how to proceed, what offer to accept, IF ANY, for cash for life contingent payments may start to feel like a confusing task. There is no reason to rush into any decision with regarding to getting a lump sum in sum from a life contingent structured settlement buyer. Here are some general things to consider.

Like any payment, the timing of when it is due is also critical when looking to sell life contingent payments. All things being equal, a $4,000 monthly life contingent annuity payment is more valuable if it is due next month instead in 2020 or even 2030. The further out the structured settlement life contingent is due, the less valuable it will be- assuming all other factors are the same. That is to say, if you are 30 years old and selling monthly life contingency payments due in 2020, you are likely to realize more money than if the life contingent payments come back in 2040. This is often a hard pill for a potential customer to swallow if they are looking to convert really far out life contingent payments into a lump sum. You may be looking at an offer that gets you a fairly small lump sum in exchange for what appears to be a large aggregate of life contingent payments from a structured settlement.

We appreciate that and we will take the time to walk you through the numbers so you understand precisely what you are selling and what you are getting. Frequently, people are taken back by how much we CAN actually pay them for payments due far in the future- even as far out as 2050 in some cases. Keep in mind with our expertise, we can generally get you a fairly quick quote for life contingent payments – usually during the initial call or within an hour of the initial request.

While we work with people of all ages and health conditions to get them cash for life contingent payments, it is important to know your health and age matters. We get people lump sums even if they have a criminal record, past DUIs, and even if they have serious health problems. All factors however contribute to what a life contingent structured settlement buyer may be able to pay you if you were wanting to get a lump sum.

Your Life Contingent Structured Settlement is valuable. Do not let anyone suggest these type of annuity payments can not be sold or you can not get the most cash for life contingent structured settlement payments. While there are many structured settlement annuity buyers that may be confused about this type of asset or how to handle the processing of providing a lump sum in exchange for them, Catalina Structured Funding is a company that buys life contingent structured settlements all the time.

While there is no doubt more involved in coordinating the exchange for life contingent structured settlement payments for a lump sum, you, the seller, of the life annuity payments should not recognize much of a different. By that we mean that all but the smallest amount responsibility for effectuating the transfer of the life contingent structured settlement should fall on the settlement buyer. That is exactly what Catalina Structured Funding does. We take on ALL the work and all the costs when it comes to arranging the lump sum for life contingent payments.

You may be curious if the fees you will be responsible for when selling life contingent structured settlement payments is different than the fees associated with cashing out structured settlement in general differ. The truth is: There are A LOT more expenses and fees in cashing out life contingent structured settlement payments. HOWEVER, at Catalina Structured Funding, we cover ALL THE FEES when it comes to providing you a lump sum for life annuity payments.

Lets just briefly explain why this is such a big deal. Imagine a company that buys life contingent structured settlement payments offers to purchase them for $25,000.00. That offer sounds great and is exact amount of cash now for structured settlement payments that will allow you to accomplish your goals and set you up to succeed. All excited about the lump sum for structured settlement payments you have been offered, you say “OK” and the notary comes out and you sign the contract.

Now at the time of funding, you receive $20,000 or $15,000 or even $10,000- substantially less money than you were quoted over the phone for selling life contingent structured settlement payments.  You complain to the life contingent structured settlement buyer that the $10,000 is much less than what you were told over the phone.

The life contingent structured settlement buyer points to the disclosure statement and contract and explains that both documents indicate you would be responsible for certain costs and those costs were outlined in detail in the contract. While what they are saying may be factually accurate and the costs and fees associated with selling structured settlement payments have in fact been given to you in writing, you are rightfully disappointed.

With Catalina Structured Funding you can avoid this risk and concern as we are a settlement buyer of life contingent structured settlement payments that NEVER charges you ANY FEES. The amount we quote you for your life contingent structured settlement payments is exactly how much cash you will receive.

Shop around – even shop or prices/offer. You never know what the next structured settlement buyer may pay you. This may sound like odd advice coming from a buyer but by the time you agree to work with us– and you will because we offer the most professional service in the industry, we want you to be confident you made the right choice.

Call today for your free no obligation quote to buy out life contingent structured settlement annuity payments