So, you live in New York and you want to sell your New York structured settlement? New York law requires the sale to be in your “best interest” and “fair and reasonable.” But who determines this? The judge. In New York, like almost every other state, the sale of a structured settlement requires advance court approval. Without it, your sale will not be considered valid. So before your sale can be final, you will have to bring the proposed transfer before a New York judge for approval. Getting that approval in requires you working with an experienced New York Structured Settlement Buyer.

What needs to happen for my proposed sale to be approved?

A court in New York will have to make sure that your proposed sale meets certain requirements as set out by New York law. For example, the buyer of structured settlement payments in New York that you are working with must have sent you a disclosure notice and you must have been afforded an opportunity to seek the advice of an independent professional. Other than these requirements, which are pretty easy to meet, the harder part is convincing the court that your proposed transfer is in your best interest and that it is fair and reasonable.

What kind of sale is in my “best interest”?

The court will look at your financial situation and whether there is a need for the lump sum amount you will receive from the sale. The court will heavily consider what you intend to spend the money on. Generally, if you have serious expenses and don’t have money saved up and need the lump sum to fund these expenses, then the court will consider the sale to be in your best interest. The following are some acceptable reasons to sell your New York structured payments:

Health and medical reasons

Needing money to fund necessary medical procedures or to pay for treatment, medication, etc. may be a very good reason to sell structured settlement payments in New York.

Other emergency reasons

Losing your house/property to a natural disaster, stolen car, being evicted, etc. Any situation which involved you rebuilding your life is also a great reason for needing immediate access to cash for structured settlements in New York.

Paying for education

Paying off debt

Paying for education

if the court sees that you have a legitimate plan to spend the money wisely and that you need access to immediate cash for a certain investment, the court will likely find the transfer to be in your best interest

What kind of sale is in my “best interest”?

Typically, competitive prices will be considered fair and reasonable in connection with the sale of New York Structured Settlement Payments. The Best New York Structured Settlement Buyers will not charge you administrative or processing fees in connection with the sale of annuity payments

If you have questions or would like more information, it’s time for you to talk to the New York structured settlement experts today!

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