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Structured Settlement

Sell a Structured Settlement – Best Results

On any given day we get calls from across the country from people looking to sell a structured settlement. Sometimes these individuals are looking to sell the full structured settlement and more often than not they are looking to sell a structured settlement in part. In either case, we always like to start with the basics when working with someone for the first time. This is especially true if we are the first structured settlement buyer they speak to about selling a structured settlement.

Part of most initial calls regarding the sale of a structured settlement will naturally involve two parts:  quotes and process. The quote portion of any call involves us gathering information regarding your structured settlement. Specifically the amount of your structured settlement payments, when they become due, and what annuity issuer is making the settlement payments you are looking to cash out. Of course, if you already know what structured settlement payment you wish to sell, we can follow your lead and simply provide you a quote or quotes for that specific structured settlement.

How much of your structured settlement selling and how much you are looking to raise will naturally go into how we construct offers to you. In the end, it is imperative to everyone at Catalina Structured Funding that you believe, confidently, selling a structured settlement, in whole or in part, is in your best interest and consequently you will be in a better position when it is all said and done.

The second part of the initial telephone conversation regarding the sale of a structured settlement payment naturally involves a review with you regarding the process and the time periods involved. We are committed, at Catalina Structured Funding, to making sure everyone of our customers fully understands what goes into cashing out a structured settlement for a lump sum. To this end, we will review with you in detail the requirements of selling a structured settlement in the state where you live. As part of this process, and in compliance with the regulations of the state where you live, we will provide you with a written disclosure statement in accordance with selling a structured settlement payment.

Once you have disclosure statement you can take as long as you need to decide if selling a structured settlement to Catalina Structured Funding is the best option as your structured settlement payment buyer.

We can be reached for a quote any time at 1-800-317-3769.