Whether you are selling today, tomorrow or simply want to know what your structured settlement is worth, we can help answer the question: “How Much Will I Get if I Sell My Structured Settlement?” Getting the answer to that question, and a host of related ones, comes with no pressure, no obligation and is completely free when you call our nationally recognized structured settlement buying experts.

How Much Can You Sell Your Structured Settlement for? That depends. The answer is by no means black and white. Factors that impact the amount of money you can get for your structured settlement include, but are not limited to:

The experts at Catalina Structured Funding, Inc., speak to individuals all day every day that are first investigating selling structured settlement for cash or are seasoned veterans of cashing out structured settlements because they previously sold portions of the structured settlement before. Our team is made up of individuals with vast PROFESSIONAL experience working with people throughout the country that are looking to get cash for structured settlement payments. With each customer or potential customer we discuss, whenever requested, various alternatives that may be available to them in connection sale of structured settlement in whole or in part. More frequently than you can imagine, we are able to construct a structured settlement sale that leaves our customer with a larger portion of their structured settlement intact than they could have ever imagined.

1. Do you want to sell the full structured settlement or do you just want to sell part of structured settlement?

2. When are the structured settlement payments due? Are they due each month or every ten years?

3. What structured settlement compan is the annuity issuer (i.e., the life insurance company) that is making the structured settlement payments to you. Examples of structured settlement annuity companies are: Allstate Life, Prudential Life, Symetra Life (f/k/a Safeco Life), Metlife, American General Life, Pacific Life, Genworth Life and a host of other very reputable companies.

4. What state in the United States do you live in?

When you call Catalina Structured Funding, Inc., there are no delays in providing you quotes to consider. Our objective is to get you information and proposals and then let you determine if you wish to sell structured settlement payments. Accordingly, you get proposals free from pressure or sales tactics.

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