Companies that buy structured settlements that have the same experience and expertise as Catalina Structured Funding are few and far between. Do not make the mistake of assuming because a website exists, the company buys structured settlement payments regularly. At Catalina Structured Funding we exclusively buy structured settlement payments for a lump sums. As that is our exclusive focus, you get the expertise you want when cashing out structured settlements for a lump sum.

How does expertise in cashing out structured settlements benefit you?

1. Compliance with federal and state law.

Our experts work with people every day that are looking for a lump sum for their structured settlement payments. We know the applicable law in your state and you can be confident that it will be complied with.

2. Most Cash for Structured Settlement Payments.

We know what it takes to provide a lump sum for structured settlement payments. We are committed to beating any other offer you have from other companies that buy structured settlements. If you want to work with professionals and still get the most cash for structured settlements, call us with proposals you have from competing companies that buy structured settlements. With Catalina Structured Funding, you need not compromise quality to get the cash you are looking for.

3. Cash Advances for Structured Settlements.

If you need money immediately, before final funding, we are one of the companies that buys structured settlements that will give you an immediate cash advance. We know you may have compelling, urgent need for cash and once you are our customer we want to assist in relieving this stress.

4. Individualized Customer Service.

No customer has the exact same needs when cashing out structured settlements. We are not a company that buys structured settlements in a cookie-cutter manner. We will provide you with the information YOU need for YOUR situation.

5. Structured Settlement Buy-Out Options.

While other companies that buy structured settlements may provide you with a single alternative, Catalina Structured Funding will provide you with options that you can select based on your needs and how much of the structured settlement you want to sell.

Cashing out structured settlements can be a great experience and something that puts you in a better position both in the long and short term. At Catalina Structured Funding , we are committed to working with you to meet your lump sum goals. Call us today and receive an absolutely free review of your options, and then take our free quote for structured settlements and decide on your own time if it is in your best interest to move forward.

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