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Thanks for visiting us! You must be wondering who buys structured settlements or how to sell settlement payments?
This article will answer the questions most commonly asked by people who want to sell structured settlement or “convert” their structured settlement payments for a lump sum of cash. Before you take any action regarding the sale of a structured settlement, please contact our expert buyers at 800-317-3769. Our nationally recognized professionals will not be beat on price or service- period.

Q: What is a structured settlement?

A: Every state has its own definition of a structured settlement; however, generally, there is a common denominator. When an injured person files a lawsuit for compensation, a likely outcome is that the case will be settled. This is called a settlement. When the settlement requires the defendant or defendant’s insurer to pay you future periodic payments, as opposed to one lump sum of cash up front, this settlement is a structured settlement. This is because your payments are structured to be paid out in a particular way. Structured settlements are very common.

Q: Is it legal to sell my structured settlement for cash?

A: Absolutely! Most structured settlements are freely assignable; in fact, virtually every state has laws that allows structured settlements for sale if done in accordance with the pre-established statutory framework. You must be also wondering can i sell my workers comp annuity. Yes definitely with us!

Q: Are all structured settlements assignable or are there any limitations?

A: Certain types of payments streams, such as those relating to or in resolution of a Worker’s Compensation claim, may be prohibited by law in your state. Other types of structured settlements, like those in resolution of torts claims (e.g. personal injury claim) are freely transferable. Additionally, there are other payment streams that people try to think to sell my settlement which may or may not be assignable that are not related to a structured settlement, for example, investment annuities, lottery winnings and pensions. For help understanding your payments stream/annuity, call the National Experts today for FREE information and a FREE quote! We can discuss whether it is possible to sell your particular structured payment stream.

Q: If what I have is assignable, how do I sell my structured settlement payments for the MOST cash?

A: Absolutely! Most structured settlements are freely assignable; in fact, virtually every state has laws that allows for the sale of these structured settlement payments if done in accordance with the pre-established statutory framework.

Q: Are you a buyer of these payments?

A: Yes, we are. Here at Catalina Structured Funding we have participated our team has decades of combined experience in buying, selling and converting structured settlements to a lump sum. If you are thinking how do I sell my structured settlement payments do contact us. We provide the best cash for structured settlement.

Q: How much can I get for my structured settlement?

A: The amount depends on a host of factors. While that seems like a vague answer, the truth is that things like: the amount, timing, and nature of the structured settlement are all, in addition to other considerations, figured in to what a willing purchaser will pay you. Please contact us and we can give you free quotes to consider based on your specific structured settlement- and there is never any pressure to move forward. We also provide services like selling workers comp structured settlement. This compensation can cover medical treatment and wage replacement during recovery, or it can provide lifelong structured settlement income for the permanently disabled.

Choosing the right company to work with is very important to how much money you get and how the transaction proceeds. The most important criterion is to choose a buyer that is knowledgeable and experienced in these transfers. This is to ensure that the process is handled by professionals. Here at Catalina Structured Funding, Inc., we are recognized in the industry for our experience and ability to handle complex transactions. We also have structured settlements calculator on our website to ease your work!

You want a company that you can trust. With the testimonials we receive all the time, it’s no surprise so many people come to us first to sell their structured settlement payments for cash.

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