Catalina Structured funding, Inc. is the top choice for the educated consumer trying to sell structured settlement payments. You only want to work with one of the best structured settlement companies in the county. Why is the CSF the right structured settlement company for you to choose?

1. Professional Structured Settlement Company:

You want to work with one of the structured settlement companies that are committed to treating their customers in a professional and transparent fashion. At CSF, we will always treat you with the honesty you deserve when moving forward with a structured settlement transaction. From pricing to funding, you will know you are dealing with a structured settlement company run by professionals.

2. Structured Settlement Companies and Pricing Methodology:

You want to know EXACTLY what you are getting if you sell structured settlement payments. We therefore make our offers are black and white with no fine print, exceptions or asterisks. As a structured settlement company, we are committed to no hidden fees. When you receive an offer from us you can be completely confident that when it comes to time to be funded, you will receive not a penny less.

3. Nice People & Structured Settlement Companies:

While it sounds corny, we know the last thing you want, when selecting between structured settlement companies, is to end up with people you do not like to work with. We believe from the moment you call and throughout the process you will find nothing but friendly and helpful people at Catalina Structured Funding.

4. Structured Settlement Companies & Cash Advances:

If you need a cash advance prior to final funding of your lump sum, you want to pick between the structured settlement companies that actual offer and follow through with their commitment to provide cash advances. After years, in various capacities in the structured settlement industry, we know how important this aspect of a structured settlement transaction can be to many of our customers. When you work with us as your structured settlement company, you can be confident that you will reasonable cash advances when you need it. Feel free to ask how much of a cash advance you can receive when you call us for a quote for your structured settlement payments.

The Best Settlement Companies Follow Through With Each and Every Commitment They Make to their Customers and When You Elect to Utilize Our Services You Can Be Confident that Will Be the Case Each and Every Time.

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