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We buy structured settlements all day, every day. If you want to work with an experienced structured settlement buyer then you have come to the right place. From the first call to the time we provide you the lump sum we commit to provide in exchange for buying your structured settlement or part thereof, you will see the absolute difference it makes when you work with true professionals that know the “ins and outs” of a structured settlement buy.

Make no mistake about it- in order to properly buy a structured settlement, a company needs to be experienced. Buying a structured settlement is a complex legal and financial undertaking. The last thing you want to do is select a company to buy your structured settlement that does not have adequate knowledge in this area. The potential for delays, stress and dissatisfaction is tremendous. However, when you work with Catalina Structured Funding you will immediately see how experienced our team is when it comes to buying structured settlements and buying structured settlement payments.

How will you benefit from a company that buy structured settlement from individuals regularly?


You are looking for a company to buy your structured settlement because you want a lump sum instead of waiting for the structured settlement payments to become payable. Catalina Structured Funding appreciates that and with our experience we can process the transaction of buying your structured settlement rapidly and without hassle.


You want to make sure you either get the most for your structured settlement or close to it. Again, Catalina Structured Funding appreciates this goal and consequently, when buying your structured settlement, provide us with quotes from our competitors and we will offer you the most for structured settlement buy.


When selecting a company to buy structured settlement or buy structured settlement payments you want to choose the one that best matches your objectives. Some of the factors to look for are: getting most cash for structured settlement, top professionalism, availability of cash advances, or easy to work with. Catalina Structured Funding offers every one of these elements of customer service when it comes to buying structured settlements.

Legal Compliance:

You want a company that buys structured settlement payments in compliance with the law. In this area, that means choosing an experienced structured settlement buyer and not just a group that throws up a website. Catalina Structured Funding’s experienced staff have decades of combined experience in effectuating structured settlement buys pursuant to the governing federal and state law.

Make sure to speak to us and take advantage of our free services: including free quotes and free discussion of what is involved to sell and buy a structured settlement. There is never any obligation to get either of these things from us.

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