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Structured Settlement

Metlife Structured Settlements Selling for a Lump Sum

By November 14, 2014April 20th, 2020No Comments

Nearly a century old and one of the most respected companies in the Nation, Metlife is one of the largest issues in America of Structured Settlement payments. Metropolitan Insurance, of course, is short for “Metropolitan Life Insurance Company”. This American life insurance company is headquartered with a principal place of business in New York, New York with a physical address of 1095 Avenue of the Americas, as well as maintaining certain offices elsewhere in NY.

If you have a Metlife Structured Settlement and are looking to get lump sum cash, you are in luck. Catalina Structured Funding is one of the best structured settlement companies available in the market which can get you the best lump sum cash for metropolitan insurance. As a respected and well rated company, your structured settlement payments have a great deal of value in the secondary market. This market includes the buying and selling of both guaranteed structured settlements as well as life contingent annuity payments. In order to procure an accurate quote for assigning payments from a Metlife annuity you can call any of a host of structured settlement buyers in the United States. While there are some online tools that you may find helpful, the reality is that with all the variables that come into play, speaking to a willing purchaser (or several willing purchasers) is probably a more thoughtful way to get firm quotes.

DogStructured settlements with Metlife can only be sold in certain fashion due to restrictions placed on assignments by Metropolitan Insurance Company itself. These policies that Metlife has established when a person looks to sell structured settlement annuity from a personal injury lawsuit established consistent with and pursuant to Section 130(c) of the Internal Revenue Code, have an impact on your options. It is something that an experienced structured settlement buyer that is regularly working with Metlife can walk you through pretty quickly. Contact our structured settlement buyers to get cash advance for Metlife structured settlement and we can explain the policy – whether or not you elect to get a free quote is up to you. 

When looking to transfer any deferred income into a lump sum, it is important that you consider other ways of raising capital including through other assets you may have. In many cases, you may find that cashing out a structured settlement – in whole or in part – may be in your best interest. Notably, even though Metlife is based out of New York, the process to sell structured settlement for lump sum payments for metropolitan insurance is generally governed by the state where you live and not the state of New York. Certain exceptions to this rule, however, do exist.